DECLINED: Vandaran Hunter

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DECLINED: Vandaran Hunter

Post by Vandaran on Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:51 am

Hi there. my nickname is Sol (taken from my old main char "Solariuzz") i'm 20 years old, i'm from denmark and i consider myself as a mature and social person. atm i don't have a job wich means i'm playing wow pretty much all day long.

i have been playing wow for close to two years now. i started out as a priest but re-rolled paladin at level 34 because i found the "Zalgradis palapvp movies" that paladin has always been my main. i pvped and did some raiding at lvl 60, but i didn't get to do Ony, BWL, AQ40 and naxx. at lvl 50 i joined a guild called vista, and at lvl 54 i bacame the class leader "after the old one left" i was told that it was because of who i was. i was able to talk to people without making them feel like they got ordered around. also i studyed the class as much as possible to be able to advise the other members on builds and gear

when TBC came out i leveled to 70 and joined Renaissance where i became a tankadin. we did kara, Gruul, TK, SSC and ZA. i left after downing lurker though. PvE got boring.

(this was on the Wildhammer EU server)

now i focus on pvp (just transfered my hunter to Ravencrest a week ago) but i'm still up for a raid from time to time

the hunter is my new main. he was the only char i had left on a pvp server, and i actually find him more fun then the paladin.

hunter armory link will come as soon as i'm showing up at the armory.

my chars are:
70 hunter
70 paladin
70 warlock
67 druid
61 rogue

i want to join this guild because i love pvp. i want to learn from other players and i want a guild with players who are mature and who wants to improve their skills. i have been in so many guilds filled with kids whining when someone beat them, blaming others for their own mistakes. this guild seems to be all about team work, helping each other improving and having fun. i would love to be a part of a guild where people tell me if i screw up, and how i can improve. and who knows? maby i would be able to help some one improve too

i think i could be a nice addition to your guild because i'm a mature and social player. i don't blame others for my own mistakes, and i dont bite peoples head off when they try to give me tips on how to improve. i'm very active and is almost always online. and i don't mind helping my guild mates as long as they respect that i can be busy with other things from time to time.

i did some arena on my paladin. got to 1900 rating in season 1. ofc i have done arena in s2/3 too but i never got a high rating here, simply because i couldn't find a decent team. most of them was raiders who just wanted 10 fights a week to slowly get some pvp gear.
i havent had the chance to do much arena on my hunter though (because the paladin was my main, and i raided 4 hours a day, 6-7 days a week)

if you need more info about anything just say so, and i'll be happy to add it here.
also you can whisper Vandaran ingame if you want to check my gear instead of waiting for the armory to update.

i wish you guys the best, even if i don't become a part of the guild. this guild seems to be alot diferent from the normal guilds. i'm sure you will reach the top

PS: i'm sorry for bad spelling, but its kinda late and i'm tired

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Re: DECLINED: Vandaran Hunter

Post by Aturia on Sun Feb 24, 2008 12:40 pm

You seem like a nice guy, that gets the idea of this guild. Unfortunatly I can't accept your application at this point. You gear is way below standard. We talked a bit about this aswell, and you know I have to decline your application. Gather some better (way better) gear. And be able to show me some results (ie. arena teams), or find a partner and ask me and my 2v2 parner for a match.
I'll let you find your footing on the server, and then you can re-apply if you feel like it.


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