ACCEPTED: Arzox Mage

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ACCEPTED: Arzox Mage

Post by Arzox on Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:47 pm

Introduction - I'm currently 15 years old and I'm mature.
I speak English and Swedish fluently. In my spare time, I play WoW pretty much all the time, cus I'm a nerd :> I'm an active player.

Gear - Here's a WoW armory link to my gear profile
I'm currently grinding up gold to gem/enchant my gear to the best possible.

Arena Teams - My ratings are currently: 1977 2v2 - 1920 3v3 (armory is lying :0) - 1673 5v5 (Haven't played anything in the team). My Maximum ratings are around 2050 2v2 - 2010 3v3. The 3v3 rating dropped because we had to play with Qlu's (my priest) alt Lanosåpe. It's not that we couldnt handle the pressure or anything. Our 2v2 rating dropped because of a couple of fights against Aturia and Haizum. I play Rogue Mage in 2v2 with Genova (My brother) and I play 3v3 with Genova and my mate Qlu (Rogue Mage Priest).

Experience - My pre-tbc rank is Private because of my pre-tbc level (34) on this character. I have got 11899 lifetime honorable kills as I write this. I'm exalted with alterac valley, half way to honored with Silverwing Sentinels and friendly with The League Of Arathor. I've never botted/anti-afk'ed. My played time on level 70 is 18 days 6 hours. Pre-70 played is 37 days 6 hours. Even though my played isnt the best, I've skilled/geared up quickly, and I'm as good as I had much more played

Why do you want to join the guild? - I burn for PvP and I hope to evolve my PvP activity/experience/skills with other players. I also wish to help with whatever that would be in needed for a guildie. Even though my main focus is PvP, I will help with PvE (Zul 'Aman etc.) if needed, I got some PvE experience also.

Why do you think you should join the guild? - I think I should join the guild, because I am a very active PvP'er that can play my class very well. I'm a helpfull guild member and hopefully I'll spread a good reputation for the guild. I obey orders well and have a good communication and teamwork. I learn fast and try to improve all the time.

Characters - My main is clearly Arzox, I'm playing a little bit on my hunter (level 24) at the moment named Nerfz, if you need me/want me on Arzox, I'll just log Arzox.

Communication - I have got a mic, ventrilo and TS and I'd love to be on the vent making your ears bleed

I hope the best for the guild and thanks for reading my application!

Edited material:

Considering my age if theres anything preventing me from playing WoW it would be homework/school. I hope you understand that I can't be up all night because of school that starts early as hell. I plan my homework, so if I don't play WoW, it wont be because of home work (because I'm pro at school :>). It wont be anything sudden, because of homework planning.

The guilds I've been in is:
emo - fun guild with all my mates like Acepai, Punkz and Dalok up to around 70.
Bliss - Me, Genova and Rizzy started the guild in search of good and active members. We had a hard time finding any so we agreed to disband it, and just create a chat guild named BBQ, because we didn't feel like joining <Pandemonium> for some reason. If you compare Bliss with this guild, Drawn is looking MUCH better so I really think you'll advance nicely. I hope this was everything, if not I'll just edit some more :p
There is a lack of PvP guilds on this server. I'm a stabile player that isn't changing guilds 24/7 and even if I got invited to another guild, I wouldn't join it, because so far Drawn looking like it will become one of the best PvP guilds on Ravencrest.

Update: So our priest left our arena team to play with Daanzka and some rogue, we tried a bit this night with Penelope and we got the rating up by 12 ( 1932 ) We can probably get it up more now because we've learned how to play with him a bit. Both me and Genova has gotten our epic badge trinkets ( for me and for Genova )
We played some 2v2, got it up to 1980 but had some bad luck and lost two games getting us down to 1952, we decided to stop and try getting it up another time. Also we are trying 5v5 "today" with Dukken ( Warlock ), Analia ( Priest ) and Zathus ( Resto druid ). Penelope is a skilled night elf priest from Italy with no mic and got the gladiator title. That's pretty much all I know about him and you should know some about Genova ( I write this considering your new edits to the application thread )

Your favorite mage Arzox!

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Re: ACCEPTED: Arzox Mage

Post by Aturia on Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:49 pm

Keep us updated on your progress gearwise and arenawise. I'll get back to you within the next few weeks.

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