Drawn WSG. team1.

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Drawn WSG. team1.

Post by Lucah on Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:35 pm


The team is complete. Not the most perfect set up, but it'll do! and the ppl are nizzle fo shizzle.
I need to know which days ppl want to play!..


Draw WSG team1:

1.Lucah, Druid, Resto.
2. Localo, Druid, Balance.
3. Racheck, Druid, Resto.
4.Mullenmeck, Shaman, Enhancement.
5.Devinya, Warrior, MS.
6.Sarfire, Druid, Balance.
7.Weck, Druid, Resto.
8.Aturia, Warrior, MS.
9. Ellarsar, Paladin, Restri.
10. Azulen, Rogue, Shs.

The standard tactic will be: Me as single FC. In normal games, I just run alone. If defense, I'll bring the pally for heals and freedom, bop. (group 1)

Group 2 and 3 (the remaining) block hordes at Alliance ramp. Main job is to slow the hordes, and make sure they dont get to our flag room. If necesarry I put some one in the Flagroom, to repport, and kill a potential EFC.
Next important thing, is to assist me, the FC, when running back to our base. CC, heals n stuff.

Ofc every one knows the tacs - just to make sure.

When the team is settled, I'll set a date, and we will pwn for an hour or 3, during the week.
I exspect ppl to be at least a little serious about this. it's about GLORY AND OMFG PWNAGE.

Peace, Lucah.

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Re: Drawn WSG. team1.

Post by Mulle on Wed Sep 10, 2008 12:27 pm

I guess i'll have to be the pro here then since you all suck

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