ACCEPTED: Elix - Warlock

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ACCEPTED: Elix - Warlock

Post by elix on Wed Aug 06, 2008 4:52 pm

i would like too join your guild, starting too get a bit lonly in my guild
just chilling in my own guild numb, but starting too get abit boring with out a active guild chatt.
im one of the guys who like too chat quite allot in the G chat.

Who i am

Im Mathias and i live in gothenburg sweden. i am 21 years old and i got 3ish years of wow, 200 days played on elix, plus around 50 more on alts and beta test realm.

About my char

back in the days i pved a lot in guilds like svea rike/ , aetas, silence. in the most guilds iw been class leader / Officer, due too my activness mostly. i have cleared all bosses untill sun and missing 3 bosses in BT. having quite good pve gear, tho now its around 1 year old. since iw focused on arena quite a long time now allways having the best stuff possble gearwise.

After the arena came out i have been pvping 100% season 1 i played with daanzka (lernt him too play) he was blue geared back in the days, and yet we was ranked around 50ish in the end.
season 2 i was ranked top 5 in both the 2v2 (shaglin/tino) and 3v3(daanzka and tino) during the mid of the season. end of the season i dont really remember about top 50ish.

season 3 was realy bad for me, highest i got was around top 200, i slacked and my team mates i suppose. 2 weeks before season 4 me and impaaq tried too get the gladi title and ended up 20 ranks away, that blew. anyhow it was good since impaaq nor me had never realy played that settup before (warlock priest).

Now in season 4 im mostly going for full destruction spellhaste gear. its mostly since im bored of slsl and that i want too stick out abit, too boring too be one in the crowd. ^^

Anyhow my current rating is quite bad 2v2-1767 3v3-1721 5v5-1867 probely most due too my specc and new destruction gear

Anyhow i know that some peeps got a grudge against me and well i happely hear whats up? im sure its realy nothing, just "sillyness" from both sides


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Re: ACCEPTED: Elix - Warlock

Post by Aturia on Wed Aug 06, 2008 7:30 pm

I had hoped that we could have kept it in private, since it's really a private grudge I hold against you, and not as a player.
The matter was about my friends being excluded from a premade you ran, even though mostly everyone already agreed to take them in. And as far as I recall, I had to hear alot of shit, for telling you that I didnt like the way you acted. It's not that much that they got excluded after being accepted (?), but more the way you acted afterwards in what became a pretty hot discussion from both sides.
I'm not saying you're not good enough to be in this guild, because I know you play well. I'm just saying if I am to be in the guild alongside with you, it's gonna be a bitch if one of us misbehave (since I can be a hothead sometimes). And since Drawn is a guild where we dont tolerate hostile enviorment or provocative behavior, I dont think you will fit right in atleast.

With this said, I'm gonna step down from evaluating this application and let Haizum and Raczek decide wether we should give you the chance or no.

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Re: ACCEPTED: Elix - Warlock

Post by Raczek on Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:25 am

Imo everyone deserves for second chance Aturia, maybe he had bad day or whatsoever. I have had talk with Elix and he seems like a nice guy. Thats my opinion now lets wait for Haizum and we will decide.
Aturia what would Jesus do? Think about it

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Re: ACCEPTED: Elix - Warlock

Post by haizum on Thu Aug 07, 2008 12:35 pm

DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM!!!! trrrrrrruuuum!

im very glad he applied to the guild actually. he Took part of the "tour" we had. that isnt finnished yet tho, but sadly he got disced since Impaaq couldnt play anymore(military ftl). Give the guy a /g invite and put trial

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Re: ACCEPTED: Elix - Warlock

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