ACCEPTED: ísabella - Rogue

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ACCEPTED: ísabella - Rogue

Post by ísabella on Sat Jul 19, 2008 4:43 pm

Hi all.
My name’s David. I’m 22 years old and I live in England. I’ve just graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Physics. I’m currently doing temp jobs until the end of September, at which point I will be starting work with a company called Mad Science who go into schools to teach young children about science/maths etc. I have plenty of time in the evenings and most days to play WoW. I’ve got a reliable connection and a headset with access to Vent / TS.

I play a human rogue called Isabella:
I’ve been playing this character for about 2 ˝ years now. My main focus for a long time was raiding, however I used to love world pvp at Tyr’s hand and must have spent hours there after I first got perdition’s blade. I farmed BG’s for a while before TBC came out to get the Grand Marshall weapons. Initially in TBC I focused on raiding and was involved in the first kills of quite a few bosses. I stopped full-time raiding about a year ago since I decided that I couldn’t maintain an active social life in university and raid at the same time. I’ve done a few casual raids since then.
I didn’t start pvping properly until about 3 months ago but this completely opened up the game for me. I love the dynamic nature of pvp, you can meet the same setup in arena 10 times in a row and each one will be different and force you to adapt in a different way. I want this to be the focus of my time on WoW from now on. By chance I asked Raczek if he knew any good pvp guilds since I saw that he had good gear and a good rating. He started telling me about your guild and it seemed perfect. A close-knit group of mature friends who want to focus on high quality pvp.

Arena / PVP

I started arena about halfway through season 1 playing rogue/paladin/warrior. This didn’t last too long since both the paladin and the warrior quit the game. I made enough points to get both the daggers for raiding and then stopped. In s2 I played a little bit with random teams (usually 2v2 both pve specced) just to get enough points to get the s2 daggers and then stopped again. Towards the end of s3 I started playing 2v2 with one of my best mates Haelfurae, a druid. I also started farming honor for pvp non-set epics. I was in pretty much full tier 4 with s2 daggers and a couple of veteran / vindicator items for most of the season. We reached around 2050 rating on Ruin Battlegroup and 2039 rating on Cyclone a week or so before the end of s3. I also started playing with another friend of mine, a rogue called Teenie as druid/rogue/rogue in 3v3. We also got to about 2030ish rating at the end of s3. Since we’d started so late I only had enough points to buy the MH weapon, shoulders and chest before the season ended. So far we have managed to get to 1800 rating in 2v2 and are aiming for at least 2050. We’ve only done a 1 week of 3v3 so haven’t had time to get above 1663 rating yet. Im currently farming honor for the epic pvp trinket. I’ve got the guardian belt and boots (with surefooted enchanted) in my bags. I’m using a pve belt at the moment and a couple of pve gems just to raise my hit rating above the cap. I’ll get the s4 helm this week which I intend to place a 24AP + speed increase gem in. I will then be able to use the guardian belt and boots aswell. I haven’t tried any 5v5 arena since s1 but I’m more than willing to give it a go.

Pre-TBC PVE Experience

Full ZG / AQ20 / MC / BWL
AQ40 – up to Twin Emperors
Naxx – killed Instructor and Anub’rekhan

TBC PVE Experience

Full Kara / ZA / Gruul / Magtheridon / TK / SSC / MH
BT – up to Mother Sharaz

Previous Guilds

I’ve only been in three guilds since I started warcraft. The only one worth mentioning here is Destiny Awaits. This guild has been going for six years, starting out on Mir 2 and Mir 3 and then moving to WoW about 2 ˝ years ago. We recently transferred to Ravencrest from Xavius, which is on the Ruin battlegroup. This has to be one of the worst battlegroups around since it contains only 5 realms. Due to this, we had a very hard time getting decent applicants and maintaining good progression. This was also a nightmare for playing arena since you could face the same team 6-7 times in a row. So it was decided to migrate as a guild. Unfortunately, since our guildmasters recently had a baby together and our raidleader quit, DA disbanded. I’d been part of this guild for almost 2 years (I was rogue class leader for a while) and was very sad to see it go, I’d made a lot of friends there.


I also play a human protection paladin alt called Tarik:
I’ve tanked in BT and MH with this character and I’m more than happy to tank on guild Kara / ZA / Heroic runs if its needed. I’ve also got good pve retri and holy gear on him but unfortunately very little pvp gear.

That’s all for now. Thanks very much for taking the time to read my application. Feel free to whisper me in-game anytime if you have any questions.

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Re: ACCEPTED: ísabella - Rogue

Post by Raczek on Sun Jul 20, 2008 12:25 am

Hey Isabella,
I must say its great application. We will discuss it among officers about it.
Hope to see you on gchat


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Re: ACCEPTED: ísabella - Rogue

Post by ísabella on Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:36 pm

Ok, thanks for that :). Just wanted to add that i'm currently leveling up enchanting for the ring enchant.

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Re: ACCEPTED: ísabella - Rogue

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