ACCEPTED: Dharas - Hunter

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ACCEPTED: Dharas - Hunter

Post by Dharsas on Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:48 pm

Greetings. My name is Peter, I'm from Denmark and I'm 19 years old.

I have played on ravencrest since the day world of warcraft got released. I've always been more into PvP than PvE, but PvE is also funny, and I'm always ready for some dungeons.

In S3 i got the weapon and shoulders fast I think, I played the setup; (Hunter, druid & warlock) which was basically a drain / cc team. We got on 2100 rating as the highest, but then people stopped to play wow.
In S4 i play with some IRL friends; (Hunter, rogue druid) and we're really aiming for high rating, as we're all decent pvp players. I also do some 2v2 with both the druid and the rogue from our team, and I really enjoy to do some weird setups like; (Hunter, Rogue) in 2v2, it's always awesome to out-skill some warrior/druids who think they can beat us by setup. In S3 we got at 1900 rating with that setup.

I'd like to join Drawn because I've seen some nice pvp-players. I've also noticed that Razcek and mallomby are members. I've played 5v5 with Mallomby, and tbh I cannot remember why I know Razcek, I believe we were in same guild, - Saga.

I hope this application contains what it may require
- Dharsas

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Re: ACCEPTED: Dharas - Hunter

Post by Raczek on Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:20 pm

That is true my friend. We were in Saga
Your application has been noticed we will discuss it among officers
Cya hopefuly on gchat

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