ACCEPTED: Devinya 70 MS Warrior

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ACCEPTED: Devinya 70 MS Warrior

Post by Devinya on Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:51 pm

About me:
My Name is René, im 25 years old, ohh 26 tomorrow ! I live in Denmark. I have played wow since the first beta came. With some breaks
But allways came back to it.

About my char.

Im playing on my warrior Devinya, changed name from Zzyrex. I lvlede the chars in the end of s2, i powerleved the char in 6 days and 6 hours.
The first to seasons i played on my rogue Zyrexx.
I Got full s3 arena items, i reached 2150 with Weck in s3, we could have reached more, but we started to play together to late

Heres a armory link to my char :

I have enchanting and Jewelcrafting as proffesions.
i can make all Rare and epic gems there is ingame.

I have just leveled enchanting, just to improve my char with +4 all stats on my rings. I do what i can to do my chars perfect.

Why i think i should join the guild.

Im a active player, allmost online every day. I pvp every day. Cant get enough off arena.
I allways wanna improve my gameplay as much as possible.
I play to get high, just because i got full season i dont stop to play, i wanna improve my rating, my play style etc.

Im pretty sure about grisk and weck, will vouch for me, they know me pretty well both.

I have been in same guild as aturia, in pandemonium. But dont know if he know my skill´s enough so he will vouch 100% on me

But i hope to get a nice response on the application..


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Re: ACCEPTED: Devinya 70 MS Warrior

Post by Raczek on Tue Jul 08, 2008 12:07 am

Your application has been noticed, it will be discuss among officers


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