ACCEPTED: Dukken warlock pewpew

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ACCEPTED: Dukken warlock pewpew

Post by dukken on Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:23 pm

Hey my name is Anders im 18 years old, I live in KBH In dkdk ;P

Some info about me

well, i've been playing alot pretbc on hordies side, took a year break just before naxx release and started playing again end s2.

Some pvp info:

2vs2 2100-2200 with Dpriest and rogue at higest
3vs3 I was at 2150 at top with rogue/priest, but was kinda luck coz we sucked pretty bad.. ask shien
5vs5 never really played much, played with a drainsetup some time ago with aturia, but we were kinda inactive and never got above 1800.. lolol

Why I wanna join the Drawn.. well, it seems like a nice guild with good players, and some gchat is always nice, besides a bit of badge run dont hurt sometimes

I hope I will join this Guild and I hope u like what I wrote in my application.


btw. i copy pasted tongies and used his application as a recipe

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