ACCEPTED: Ellarsar retri paladin

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ACCEPTED: Ellarsar retri paladin

Post by Ellarsar on Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:55 am

Greetings drawn guild

first off my name is Daniel and i am 18 years old and i live in Denmark.

i've become interrested in joining your guild, as this guild seems pro and lets say the cream of the crosp

so am i good enough? let me answor that in a long story and with a link

now that you gotten the link allow me to explain my ratings

since i just migrated here from mazrigos to help some irl friends of mine my ratings are kinda sucky. no 5v5 team, and my 2v2 is at 1499. as i am playing with my half season 1 hald blue geared warlock friend.

the 3v3 is serious though. playing with warrior and shammy. both imba geared full vengeful/sunwell geared

and here comes the story!

when i created this char. right after wow came out. it was on ravencrest server! i lvled up till 50 "very slowly" and then migrated to hakkar server. there i joined the pve guild untamed brutality "that sadly disbanded" and with them i cleared from ZG to AQ40 gathering an extensive pve experiance, we cleared aq40 but never went naxx unfortunely

when they disbanded and TBC came out i moved to mazrigoz where i joined pve guild dark legion. and with them i cleared from kara to BT, which again pve experiance ftw.

you like stories of pvp huh?.. hmm.. well ive raided orgimmar a few times.. spreading havoc in the streets and slaughtering the weak

i hope you will accept me in the guild even though i am a retri pala (i have full tier 5 healing gear but i dont like to talk about it)

if you accept me ill see you ingame

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Re: ACCEPTED: Ellarsar retri paladin

Post by Raczek on Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:23 pm

Your application have been noticed. We will talk about it among officers.

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