DECLINED: Syla - priest

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DECLINED: Syla - priest

Post by Syla on Tue May 27, 2008 9:16 pm

Hello and good day to u all

I am applying to your guild with my Lvl 70 night elf priestress.




ComputerI have a Pentium Duo-Core PC with 2,1 Ghz, 2GB Ram, GeForce 7600GT and a stable DSL network.

Dentist with a 40-45 hours work / week minimum


Priest (disc / holy specc)

Current Stats in PvP gear
10.7k mana
11.3k hp (with sta buff)
418 resilience
(just bought [Vengeful Gladiator's Baton of Light] and [Vengeful Gladiator's Baton of Light], i donīt know if this is updated yet).

Former guilds?
BoJ, Aetas Exordium (nearly 2 years), Numen, Vixens (4 month on another server with my warlock), Stasis

How long did you play wow?
Since the closed EU beta

Ingame /played?
I think itīs something like 125 days with my priest

Tailoring and Enchanting

PvP Experience:

I did a lot of PvP even pre-tbc, with Syla and with a Paladin alternative char named Floree.
I played a lot with guys like Mskin, Dahl and the former Vanquish guys wihich Pvped a lot.
After Aetas Exordium disbanded and I didn’t have that much time anymore for hardcore PvE raiding, I started to play arenas as well. I had ratings around 1850-1900 with my 2v2 and 3v3 teams in season 2. I stopped playing arenas for quite some time then to level up a druid so I didn’t get that much points in season 3, that is also the reason why I “only” have mostly season 2 gear. But 2-3 weeks ago I started playing the arenas again and I will push it up besides playing BGs.
Donīt have such a close look at my current ratings because I just started again with a friend which isn’t that much into PvP, that’s why we lack some good rating atm. I already saved up some arena and honor points to upgrade my gear with the beginning of season 4.

My goal is to get back into good and decend arena fights and ratings with the start of season 4 at least.

I love to play PvP, especially the healing PvP is what I love most on WoW.


Why do you want to join the guild?
I am mostly doing PvP when I have the time to play WoW because I simply don’t have that much time for PvE anymore due tp my job.

What are you looking for in the guild?
As i mentioned above i want to do some heavy PvP again, I am looking forward to meet new people on Ravencrest and I would love to support Drawn to get one of the best PvP guild on Ravencrest.


How many hours do you play per day/ week?
It depends on my real life situation. Iīd say something between 6 hours up to 30 hours a week.
There will be weeks when I rarely show up, then others I can play a whole weekend. I surely can make up some dates for arenas and stuff, that will be no problem.


Do you have anything else to add?

If u are looking for a mature WoW veteran which knows how to play his class and is PvP and raid experienced, friendly and helpfull, i may be the one to join your ranks.

I am in for any kind of PvE stuff as well when I have the time for it but as I play this game more casual then I did it before i cant “sign-up” for any PvE raids.

It would be a great pleasure and an honor to join your ranks. I am looking for a PvP guild for a long time now on Ravencrest and as I saw Haizum (I know him a bid from former Borked, don’t know if he remembers my name though) with the <<Drawn>> tag I was very curious and googled your homepage and was exited all over to see that there is a fresh PvP guild on Ravencrest.

Thanks for reading my application.
Have a good day,
/Syla aka Christian

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Re: DECLINED: Syla - priest

Post by Raczek on Thu May 29, 2008 12:49 pm

We're noted your application and will look into it

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Re: DECLINED: Syla - priest

Post by Aturia on Thu May 29, 2008 11:47 pm

To be honest, your ratings are pretty much crap. But since you're challenger, I'm sure you're not completely useless. Convince me that you're not useless by producing some decent ratings. Then we'll consider your application. For now it's completely out of the question.

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Re: DECLINED: Syla - priest

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