How to make an application - READ THIS!

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How to make an application - READ THIS!

Post by Aturia on Sat Feb 23, 2008 5:14 pm

If you want to have any chance at all of getting into this guild, you will have to read this entire topic very carefully.
Also read it carefully, to find out if you even want to make an application. Making a bad application, or if you know this isn’t the guild for you, is a waste of time. Don't waste both ours and your own time.

If you are in doubt of what Drawn is about, you should go read this first.

What we expect from you:
We expect that you are active players on Ravencrest alliance side.
We expect you to be able to handle yourself and your surroundings (i.e. you don't suddenly find out you'd rather do something else that you know will fuck up your guild mates. Or someone else finds out you have to do it, and you can't tell them no). This does not mean that you have to be available to the guild at all times, but we expect you to be able to keep agreements. Not break them. Of course there are special situations that we can disregard. But in general, honor your appointments and agreements with other guild members.
We expect you to act maturely, and treat people both inside and outside of the guild nicely. A failure to do so is a personal failure for you, and an action that can disgrace the reputation of the guild. Therefore such can lead to exclusion from the guild.
We expect you to be playing one class primarily and that you try to perfect your playing of only one char (everyone has alts, but you must be clear about which char is your main char).
We expect you to be an experienced player that have a good knowledge of the game.
We expect you to be friendly, willing to learn, gentle-minded, easy-going and relaxed. We do not accept whiners into this guild. You must have self critique, and not be blinded by your own godliness (yeah, some people are like that).
We expect you to be completely honest with everything you write in your application. If you lie and we find out, it means a direct and immediately exclusion from the guild.
We expect that while you apply for Drawn, you do now apply to any other guilds. And if you decide you'd rather apply for another guild, withdraw your application.

What can you expect from us:
You can expect to be surrounded by people that all fulfill the above descriptions. You'll get into a friendly environment, where you'll most likely be able to get help with anything you need, as long as you ask nicely, and don't bug the shit out of everyone. You'll get a stable guild, that doesn’t accept every applicant they get. You'll get access/close cooperation to some of the really good players on this server. You'll receive the Drawn tag, the tag that marks a high quality player. You'll get a responsibility to live up to the tag that locates you amongst these high quality players as well.
We will not ask you to give up any of your real life activities, nor cancel them. But we will ask you to plan them correctly, so they don't interfere with any guild activities you want to join as well (not that joining all guild activities are mandatory, but you have to keep your appointments).

Pair applications are accepted. If you're thinking of applying with a friend, feel free to do so. But please create separate applications, or the application will be deleted. And do not expect to both get in. The application is individual. But we do also fully understand if you will not split up.
Cross realm applications is accepted as well.
If you have any questions about applying, please contact Aturia in game or by a private message on the boards.
Let your application be named by your character name and class (i.e. "Aturia Warrior").
If you want to send a private application, mark it as stated above, and send it by a private message to Aturia instead.
Ongoing updating of your application regarding gear upgrades, large arena team rating gains and more is decently regarded as positive behavior and shows dedication.
Use of bold, italic, and underlined and colored text for better reading of your application can easy our work a bit. But do not overdo it, I can ensure you a application that looks like something a kinder garden kid drew, will be discarded instantly.

Knowing one or more person(s) in the guild will not automatically get you accepted! But it can help you out, if the person(s) are able to speak positively about you.

Additional requirements to join:

  • You need to have excellent gear.
  • You need to be able to cooperate with other players.
  • You need to be able to speak/write understandable English.
  • You need to be able to be at least 18 years of age.
  • You need to be a friendly minded individual.
  • You need to representate Drawn properly, and make the guild look good to outsiders that does not already know of the guild.
  • You need to have common sense, and know when to stop your doing or step forward when asked.

What does your application have to contain:
Your application has to contain the name (and armorylite link: of the character you're applying with. It has to contain an explanation of your arena team ratings, if you regard them as being low (I will check your armory profile). Explain what guys you're playing arena with, and for how long, and your view on how well you're doing. Your application has to contain the history of the PVP you've been doing on the character you're applying with as well (we love to read about old school PVP raids to South Shore).

The rest is basically up to you, but please do not fill it up with irrelevant bullshit about your dog, your good friend's aunt, or whatever. Let it contain relevant stuff for us to know. How often are you usually online? How is your experience in this game? What do you like to do the most in game? How are you a good addition to this guild? And so on. Be creative, and make sure your applications shows that you really want to join this guild. Copy pasting requirements from this topic and filling them out one at the time will not be regarded positively.

How is your application reviewed:
Once in a while, officers browse the application topics; they review the positive or negative comments on the topic (or lack of same). They give advises, and tell you if you have to redo your application or if you're declined/accepted. You will be judged on gear, expressions, intelligence, and arena teams. Everything you chose to inform us of. And everything everyone else informs us of. We might even go so far, as to check in on your previous guild history, and your reputation in previous guilds. If you're up to standards, you'll get invited to the guild for a trial period.

Trial period:
If you application is accepted, you will face a trial period of varying durations. If you get to our trial period, this doesn't mean that you're accepted into the guild. It means that your first approach has been accepted, and you now have to prove everyone else than the officers why we would take you into this guild. During your trial period you will be expected to be online more than otherwise, to socialize and prove yourself to the guild members. The duration of your trial period depends on how good or bad you do during your trial period.

Kind regards,
Officers of Drawn.

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