ACCEPTED: Mallomby - Druid

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ACCEPTED: Mallomby - Druid

Post by Mallomby on Fri May 16, 2008 3:54 pm


My name is Daniel, im 19 years old and live in Denmark. Been playing WoW since the release date and have been focused on PvP 90% of the time. Im more or less online everyday. It will appear im sometimes off saturdays nights, but that's all.
My PvE experience is MC, ZG, BWL, NAXX, Kara.
My PvP experience got kinda more to offer you, in the early S1 i played feral/resto, S2 feral/moonkin/resto S3 resto. I can talk about every aspect of the druid (a thing i've noticed many other people are missing)

I transferrred to Ravencrest for 4 weeks ago with 7 other IRL mates (most of them are playing PvE now)
I fast found some arena players over here, and reached 2k in 2 weeks with the setup Druid, hunter, priest (hunter= larisa; priest= ferluci) but they transffered to bloodfeather just a week later, and i lost my team.
Btw. on my old server (xavius) i reached 2120 rat with a lock.

At the moment im playing with a rogue called Honeymoon (2049 rat atm)

I see myself as a really good 2v2 + 3v3 player, but to be honest i really don't have much experience in 5v5 (best rating like 1900).

Normally when im playing i usually use VT, to avoid missunderstandings.

Why I would like to join Drawn?
Since i transferred i have been looking for a PvP guild. Im looking for a guild, which got good players i can go discuss my thoughts and tactics with, and of course practise and improve my skills too.
I wouldn't mind premade BG's too ^^

My mate will go make an application too, his ingame nick is Manaka. A skilled priest i have played with since WoW release, please take a look at him too.

That's all i got, feel free to contact if you got questions



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Re: ACCEPTED: Mallomby - Druid

Post by Aturia on Sat May 17, 2008 9:15 am

I've read your application, and it's being looked into. I'll talk with my officer and the other members, and then I'll get back to you.

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