DECLINED: Seance - Priest

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DECLINED: Seance - Priest

Post by Seance on Tue May 06, 2008 7:35 pm

My name is Joachim Bruun.
I am a 17 yo male from denmark (i will turn 18 in next month, so hope this wont matter that much:b)

atm i am on tradeschool to be a carpenter. This means i am mostly not home before 16:30 monday-thursday.
I am active and online most days of the week. except friday evening where i am usually with friends. (same goes for most saturdays)

I see myself as a kind and helpful person with a good humor
I dont mind helping a guildie when needed, nor do i have to be helped all the time. I strive to be as independent as i can. allthough the best
fun in wow is when playing with others
I am good with criticism as long as there is a reason for it (being flamed because of a silly lose, or because ppl are in a bad mood doesnt really get to me) but in my world positive critics are most welcome, as it can only make u better
On a sidenote i am not the type of guy who flames another person because of a lose, or lack of skillz, i try to tell ppl what they do wrong, so that they can improve as well.

now for the interesting part

My main character is Seance, a lvl 70 chubby dwarf who happens to be a priest (

I am gonna be honest and say that i didnt level the priest myself :/
I traded the priest with a friend because i wanted to play alliance, i got the priest 3 months ago or so, and since then
i have been playing intensively to get better with the priest and think for myself that i have gotten it "under control"
i have watched a lot of videos with disciplin priests, and asked for advices where i could so dont think that because it werent mine
to begin with, i dont know how to play
(before the priest i had a mage, which i have been both raiding and pvping with. we got to Fel Reaver and magth before i decided to call it quits

it had about 250 resi when i got it, and since then i have gotten the gear up to where it is now(400 resi)
total played is 25 days, 10 of which in lvl 70

as for alts i dont really have any, imo lvling is boring compared to playing lvl 70

Atm my Arena ratings arent that high. got around 1600 with a warrior called Amazony, dont play that much with him anymore though.
and for 3v3 i havent had a decent team until yesterday, we are gonna play the first games tonight so cant tell ya how that will go before then (:
I can feel that i am getting better with arena every fight, this is mainly because i havent focused that much on it before one month ago or so.
this means that i am not a person to play 2k'ish arena. but i can kite etc, so i aint bad at it either
I like to play with ppl a bit more experienced than myself, this way i can learn from them(and the team were playing against)

Reason for joining the guild
Since coming to the server i have been looking for a good guild.
By good guild i mean a guild with skilled players, a nice tone and good companionship ofc with a good mouthful of teamwork
I believe i have found this in your guild. atleast that is the way i have experienced ur members so far
This is the kind of guild that i wish to be a part of. And i honestly think i would fit in well

I know this is getting long, feel free to skip the rest

Previous guilds

It was here that i levelled my first 70 mage.

I was with them for a pretty long while, we did stuff like kara, gruul and tk. When bored we also attacked Theramore Isle, and once or twice SW.

After this i had a few guilds but nothing serious.

I then had a break from wow, until 3 months ago when i decided to go alliance with Seance.

When i came to Ravencrest with Seance i was at first in a casual friends guild.
I then tried to make my own PVP guild called <Insured> but made the terrible mistake of letting too many in
(i made the guild with a friend, and when i was not around he invited everybody he invited most ppl he met :S)
so this was a failure.
I then joined <Monkey Business> but since that was going just as bad as <Insured> was at the time i decided to leave that 1 as well.
I then got invited to <Sunwell Déstiny> but that guild seemed to have the SAME issue as the 2 before that one (sigh)
It isnt that i didnt try and push some life into the guilds, just seemed it wasnt enough :/

So here i am Applying to you guild
Hope you enjoyed the apply. if anything is missing feel free to add questions here or to my ingame character(Seance)

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Re: DECLINED: Seance - Priest

Post by Aturia on Sun May 11, 2008 11:55 am

Thank you for taking your time to make this application, but at this given time your ratings and gear are certainly not up to standards. And because of this we'll have to decline your application. You're welcome to try again when you've improved both gear and rating significantly.
Good luck.

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