DECLINED: Quote - 70 disc priest

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DECLINED: Quote - 70 disc priest

Post by quote on Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:55 pm

Hello there Drawn

Some stuff about myself first:
My name is Villads, I'm a 17 yeared (yes I know it said 18 in the topic, but I'm 18 in 2 months, and I know how to act etc - I spam trade chat all the time and stuff .. or :b ) male from Denmark. I study at the gymnasium and playing soccer once in a while. Enough crap - here is what you're interested in:

The char im applying with is Quote, 70 dorf fucking female!! :b disc specc (42/19/0). Been 70 for a while now, 2 and a half month. You can check my gear as it is now Atm I'm working on getting my shoulders, playing with a lock, Nazrah, in 2v2. We were at 1964, and then ran into straight warrior teams, mixed with some lame dc's and ended on 18'something. Tbh I think we're doing quite good, since none of us are full s3, and we are winning against full s3 guys too. Practice is ofc needed, and thats what we are working on, while trying to get 2000.
In 3v3 daanzka and hottelotte, RMP, are playing with me when time is I know them both IRL, so they would like to give me shoulders :b
I'm without a 5v5, since most people just inspect me and denies me, sadly.

I've done crap loads of BG PvP on this char. Got full vindicators ofc, and I'm on 70k honor atm, ready for s4! I've also done lots of premades with daanzka and those guys, when I didnt have that great gear, so I could gear up fast.

I got Enchanting 375/375 and Tailoring 375/375. Recently, finally, got healing on my rings to improve as much as possible gearwise. I got both full healing and shadow tailoring crafted gear in bank. Considering rolling JC instead tho.

I see myself, as a very, very active player. Im only every day, except if I'm on holiday or something like that, where I cant bring my computer. It's different how many hours im online per day, depending on homework and soccer practice/games

I allways wanna improve my gameplay as much as possible. I play to be nr.1, and not to get the gear. I can take critism (as long as there is a point in it, and its not just random crap, cuz we lost or something) and will work on doing it better next time, I'm in the same situation. I will also tell my teamplayers, if I think they can improve in some way.
If recommendations or something means anything, I know you can whisper Daanzka and hear his oppinion about my gameplay and skills
I also met the most confused druid probably when I asked for this homepage, Haizum, so we've met too. (Dont confuse me that much next time m8! :P)

I think thats the most important things for this time. You're all ofc welcome to send me a /w ingame if you have any questions

Best regards

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Re: DECLINED: Quote - 70 disc priest

Post by Aturia on Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:12 pm

How are you doing in arena so far?

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Re: DECLINED: Quote - 70 disc priest

Post by quote on Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:04 am

Well .. I've decided to stop with my lock 2v2 partner, tho we are screwing around at 1900 ~, to play with a rogue instead. There is so many counter setups for us, and we cant get last perfect teamplay, that will get us 2k, sadly =/ So I'm gonna search for a nice rogue, might have a full s3 one allready, but lets see
In 3v3 I'm still trying to get 2k, with RMP, but since everyone started to play the "no skill, lameass, wanker setup of doom" combo aka hunter/druid/priest, we got so mad and stopped at 1880 or something xD

But you still gotta remember that I'm only 2 s3, and rest s1 So hopefully it wont take long before I have my shoulders, and then wep a week after

I really hope you'd take me in, tho im not full s3, since I really wanna join you guys, because I find you very nice and friendly, all the time I've talked with you

//Best regards

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Re: DECLINED: Quote - 70 disc priest

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