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Post by slainer on Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:28 pm

Hi there everyone

My name is Steffen (male) and I am from Denmark. I just reached the age of 18 a couple of months ago. In my spare time I study at the senior high school, work a bit and do gymnastic. Ohh yea and ofc I play world of warcraft.

The character:
The character I am applying with is my main--> Female night elf hunter Slainer.
Can be checked on this link:
At the moment I only play 2vs2 and 3vs3. I suddenly lost the courage to make a 5vs5 team.
I am needing vengeful main hand, legs and the shoulders.
My spec is 11/41/9 for both teams. It is the spec I find most useful for the best team play.
In my old days I chose the professions leatherworking and skinning which I regret so much now. I wish I had chosen Jewel crafting or enchanting which fits better for pvp.

Burning Crusade:
I couldn’t wait until it was released. The first day I played non-stop for about 13 hours and couldn’t let it go. Finally after a couple of days I reached 70. After a while I join a guild called ZyntaxError which raided Kara where I got a few loots. It went down and I joined many different guilds such as. Legion Tigress, Pernicious and Batman took my virginity. I cleared Kara, Gruul and eye but it never made the big interests. I have been guild less for sometime and now I’m willing to join Drawn.

PVP part:
I did not join that much in Season 1 arena. Only got a few points in low rated teams with some friends. It was mostly to enjoy some time together. But in Season 2 I got pretty caught of it. I only played 2vs2 there with a paladin (dynamitbælte) where we reached 1820 and we found it very extreme.

Before Burning Crusade:
In Pre TBC I used the most of my time trying to level all sorts of characters. But my main was as well Slainer at that time which I started February 2006 and finally made level 60 the 22 of May 12:33 (Screen shot). I ran around with out knowing what I wanted to do. I never did any of the big instances from pre TBC. But ofc I joined up some random raids for Orgrimma and Undercity but none of them succeed. But still, it was fun :).

Neither did I have any interests in pvp. I only reach rank 1 at that time :/. But I had to try and nuke any horde which ran past me.

The arena teams (S3) :
2vs2 team:
The team is called "To store bamser" which means: Two big teddy bears. I have not made the team my self but got it from my m8 (Leopol) I played with before. My last partner in this team was the resto druid Sjon where we got the rating 1864 for about 2 months ago. Since that time it has been standing still because I need the points to buy bow and weps. We didn’t want to take any risks. Now I am trying to find a partner for it. Want to aim for 2k and see if I can get the shoulders before s4.

3vs3 team:
I just started a new 3vs3 team called Anne, Lotte and George. Tried some different people out to see if we could get some high rating. But stuck at 1620. But just today I found a resto druid (Redzone) and a disc priest (Elladora). We are aiming for at least 1800+ rating so we can get arena cap before s4. We are already going to work on the rating tomorrow. I got a big problem there. Only have about 1k arena points because I couldn’t resist buying vengeful off hand sword.

5vs5 team:
Sorry but no much to tell. Haven’t played that much 5vs5. A few pick up teams but it was nothing for me. I wanted progress. I tried to make my own team but I lost the courage. It was way too hard to get them all online at same time :/. Annoyed me a bit and I decided that I did not want to make a team myself.

My gaming time:
I got a few days where I am not that much online because I might be working or doing homework. Thursday is one of the days where I am not going to be that much online. Or else I am usually online every day. Some days more than others. Depends on when I have to deliver a report. I would say that I average play about 2-4 hours each day spread around on a whole week.

About my self:
I find my self always happy and look at everything from positive side. I like helping people. I don not know why but it just make me feel useful and happy. Even though I do not know any in this guild I will gladly help anyone who asks and I hope I can learn to know you and the others better then I do know. Hopefully I will hear from you. And I will be waiting excited.

From Slainer (Steffen --> Denmark)

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