DECLINED: Zisy Warrior

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DECLINED: Zisy Warrior

Post by Zisy on Sun Feb 24, 2008 8:26 pm


Irl story of life

My name is Ronny and im 20 years old, live in sweden in a town called Stockholm/Midsommarkransen.
Just currently moved out from home to my own place and it feels great, otherwise im working as a butcher abit away from here and its kinda okey, it takes the bills out atleast.

My playing times is around 16.00 - 23.00 more or less everyday, exept the weekends there i do play more then 24 hours a day if it was possble ofc:)

Im doing this application with my Warrior,during this is an alt as im in Kawk herders with my main char that is an restoration shaman, doing raids around 2-3 days a week no more, and its from 18.00-22,00 so its not that much but we have the progress we need.

my pvp skill i whould say is quite high and i do play great in arenas, tho its very hard to find a partner to play with as a warrior :(. cant say im flawless tho

My current gear on the warrior is
tho ill soon have the s3 mace during my current wep suck:)

Why do i want to get into the guild?, more or less becouse im up for pvp at the higher lvl then just fooling arounds with random bgs and ppl that have l2issues in arenas, thefor im doing this application to Drawn.
Ill be happy to form new arena teams in the guild and get abit higher on the pvp status then just idling around in if and so on.

Please ask for mor information about me or the character im on Irc @Kawk or ingame Playing Ziseh/Zisy

Best Regards Zisy

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Re: DECLINED: Zisy Warrior

Post by Aturia on Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:53 pm

Yeah, I think it is a bit short, but we talked about that. However what I'm wondering more about is:

No head enchant?
What are you gonna do on the hit rating when you get your s3 mace (and headenchant)?
Are you working on a better trinket?
What's your status on the cloak?

How are you doing in your current arena teams and who are you playing with? Are you progressing or stagnant in rating?

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Re: DECLINED: Zisy Warrior

Post by Zisy on Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:00 am

No head enchant is actually nothing i can explain otherwise i have really forgot to do it, my friend noticed it today, so its already done for now.

What do you exactly mean with the high rated teams?, well i want the mace for now thats my current goal and after that its just a major upgrade to get higher in the rating in all brackets really during its a huge upgrade for me both the mace stun and the dps and stats on the wep.

Im working on the honor trinket the 30k honor one dont know the name for it, 80 ap thingy.
And to answer you on the cloak, yes im working on the badges cloak i got around 50 for now so its quite soon done, just once Karhzan left or so:)

How im doing with my current arena teams i whould say im doing quite good and me and Haizum (druid) are playing 2on2 now for the mace, after that well continue for the higher rating to get the shoulders later on. and yes we are doing progress.

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Re: DECLINED: Zisy Warrior

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